What shall I wear? Will I be cold?

We would suggest, in any month on Shetland, that you wear layers as the weather & temperature can change dramatically over short periods of time. Please bring warm clothes & at least a wind proof outer layer. We would recommend a waterproof jacket as small showers are common & if we are out at the back of Noss, you still want to see & enjoy the views & seabirds on deck! We recommend stout outdoor footwear for this type of outdoor trip. Don’t forget a hat! You can take clothes off but if you don’t have them with you – you can’t put em on!

Shetland Seabird Tours does have its own brand of attractive merchandise for sale, including a small range of Hoodies, T-Shirts, Caps & Beanies. Please see our “Seabird Shop” brochure your seat pocket for details.