Where is the departure point for Shetland Seabird Tours?

Our blue & white, streamlined Noss Wildlife Boat has “Noss Boat’ on each side of the bow & Shetland Seabird Tours written on the sides. From April to October is moored up in Victoria Pier, either left or right along the sides of Victoria Pier car park. The Victoria Pier Carpark is opposite the Tourist Information Centre &public toilets just below Commerical Street. Unless is particularly busy times, we aim to position the boat at the Victoria Pier slipway, to the right of the carpark next to the Taxi’s & Noss Boat signs ready for embarkation 15 minutes before boarding. Please aim to be at the Victoria Pier slipway 15 minutes before your actual departure time. You will see our large Shetland Seabird Tours sign, which is our meeting point, at the top of the slipway surrounded by some other boat trip advertising. We won’t sail without you if you have a confirmed booking & are going to be a little late, please call Phil on (0) 7767872260 & we will wait for you. We will need to leave 15 minutes after boarding commences to fit in the full boat trip experience.