Is there anything to eat & drink?

We do not offer food & drink as standard during our tour, but do deliver food to the ever hungry Noss gannets! Our trips are a comfortable 2-2.5 hours & to be honest, you will probably not be thinking about eating & drinking with the magnificent views and wildlife spectacles in front of you – your hands will probably be glued to your binoculars & cameras! We want to maximise your wildlife boat experience & sightings. You are welcome to bring your own food & drinks on board & there are excellent town cafes & restaurants we can recommend to you for after your boat trip. We offer Tuesday to Saturday tour passengers a special discount card for post-tour hot drinks & soups in collaboration with The Peerie Shop Cafe, Lerwick. We enjoy collaborating with other local businesses in this way, and a stones-throw from our slipway the cafe couldn’t be in a better place to offer refreshments.